Tech and T-TESS

San Augustine High School

Connecting Students (and Parents) to Websites



  • FREE
  • Group text without being IN a group text.
  • Private--no one knows your phone numbers
  • Schedule Texts (birthdays, parent reminders, holiday greetings)
  • Add attachments
  • Add voice memos
  • Insert Links
  • Text as few as 3 people. Great for reminders (pun intended) for smaller groups.
  • FREE

Apps for your phone:

Click here for the Remind App for iPhone.

Click here for the Remind App for Android.

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  • FREE(minum)
  • Online bulletin board
  • Can be moderated
  • Post links, images, videos, or upload files.
  • Anyone can post to them.

There is a Chrome Extension as well. Click here to add it to Chrome.

For more ideas for the classroom, click here.

Calibrate (How to Know What They Know)


Low tech formative assessment.

Students get the cards, teacher asks the question, students answer, teacher scans.

Teacher can pre-enter questions or "ask on the fly".


Online game that is good for review and quizzes. - teacher/creation side - student/player side


Similar to Kahoot but self paced.

Works best if each student has a device.

Creating - STUDENTS creating

Life After Death by PowerPoint 2012 by Don McMillan

Interactive picture

ThingLink make a picture interactive.

Example ThingLink

Interactive map

Click here for the Andriod App.

Click here for the iPad/iPhone App

Create a Video with Pictures and music

Stupeflix is a web application to make awesome videos in a few clicks.
Select a video style, pick photos, videos, music, add text, and you're done.

How to use Stupeflix

Stupeflix example

Quik and Adobe Premier Clip are iPad/iPhone apps that do the same thing as Stupeflix.

Quik example (This used to be Replay.)

Adobe Premier Clip example

Make a picture talk

Blabberize is a website you can upload a photo, record voice, and make a photo talk.

Blabberize Example

Photospeak and ChatterPix are the same but on an iPad.

Photospeak example

Chatterpix example

Create a Rap


Speak or rap into the app and it sets it to a beat.

Math Example

iTunes link

Android link

Posters and Pictures

PosterMyWall or Canva (iPad and online)

"Teacher" example - Postermywall

Social Studies Example - Postermywall

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark Post - create a poster

Adobe Spark Video - Pictures to make a video....difference - explain each picture with voice over.

Adobe Spark Page - put it all together.


Use Screencastify Chrome Extension on Chromebooks or an interactive whiteboard app on an iPad

Explain Everything $5.99

Show me (free app, subscription fee to upload.)

Put them on YouTube!

"make" them do the sub titles for someone else's video

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