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Military Recruiter Contact Information

Taft has recruiters who are assigned to our school.

Below are the names and contact information for the recruiters assigned to Taft.

US Army

Christian Djandatenfa (210)885-0835

US Navy

Gabriel Arreaga (210)439-7834

US Marines

Henry Medina (210)240-8350

US Air Force

Amber Metts (210)833-9298

Coast Guard

Taft Contact: (210)590-9760

Army National Guard:

Gabriel Cruz (210)632-6990

I took the ASVAB, now what!

If you took the ASVAB and have your scores, watch this video on how to interpret your scores!

Military Service Academies

Military Service Academies offer an outstanding education and full four year scholarships. Tuition, books, board and medical and dental care are all fully paid for all four years. It is fiercely competitive!

Admissions criteria include:

  • Outstanding high school academic performance

  • Standardized test scores (SAT & ACT)

  • Athletics and extracurricular activities

  • Leadership experience and community involvement

  • Congressional letter of recommendation (not required by the Coast Guard Academy)

Graduates of the academies receive a Bachelor of Science degree and are commissioned as officers in their respective service branch. There is a minimum of 5 years service obligation after graduation.

MSA's include:

West Point-

U.S. Military Academy 845-938-4041

U.S. Naval Academy 410-293-4361

U. S. Air Force Academy 800-443-9266

U. S. Merchant Marine 516-726-5800

U. S. Coast Guard 800-883-8724

Senior Military Colleges

Senior Military Colleges are among the most prestigious and famous education institutions in the world. They offer financial aid packages for eligible students. Every cadet must participate in the RESERVE OFFICER TRAINING CORPS (ROTC) program. Cadets who receive an ROTC scholarship are required to enter military service following graduation.

SMC's include:

Texas A&M Corps of Cadets 1-800-826-8247

Norwich University 802-485-2000

Virginia Military Institute 540-464-7211

The Citadel 843-225-3294

Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets 540-231-6000

University of North Georgia 706-864-1400

Mary Baldwin Institute for

Leadership 540-887-7042

Each ROTC branch has different scholarship eligibility requirements and deadlines.




Air Force:

Marines Corp:

National Guard: