The Return of The Robo Bears

Getting ready for the state competition

This is The Return of the Robo Bears

"We had fun working together and then we went to the competition we did great and now we get to go to state!" The Return of the Robo Bears worked together and cooperated to get things done. The have worked a lot and enjoyed the whole thing. They do deserve to go to state!

Robotics meet after school every week on Wednesday

The work on the project, programming, building, and the core values after school till 5:00

The Teachers are Mr.G, and Mr. Resser

Their robots are called mindstorm robots

These are what they look like!

These things include a brain, 3 motors, and lots of lego pieces. You program these robots by going on a program on the computers called Lego nxt. These robots do exactly what you tell it to do if it doesn't then you didn't program it the was you want to.