VCR Lesson #8 Presentation

Anand Loganathan / March 8, 2017 / Period A1

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Fill in the Missing Word

Though many engineers BLANK the zeppelin as the next great mode of global transportation, the crash of the Hindenburg in 1937 swiftly debunked their claims.


Purport - To claim; to profess (without giving proof); to appear to be.

Other Forms - Purport (noun)

Synonyms + Antonyms

Synonyms - Claim, declare, profess, avow

Antonyms - State factually



Latin = portare

-Roots = pro (to carry)

Late Middle English = purporten

Anglo-French = purporter

Which sentence uses the word 'purport' incorrectly?

A. Though the student purported that his interpretation of the novel was correct, the literal reading from his teacher proved him wrong.

B. The purport that vaccines have the potential to cause mental disorders in children has been proven wrong through numerous scientific studies.

C. As soon as Danny purported his idea on what was happening with his car, the mechanic was able to fix it in record time.

D. Due to the defendant's weak purport on where he was the night of the robbery, the jury came to a quick decision and sentenced her to ten years in prison.

Correct Answer

C. is the correct answer because an idea/statement that is purported is usually false.