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Attendance Tracking During the Transition Phase for Reopening Schools

In-Person, VIrtual/Distance Learning and Home Learning Academy (HLA)


School attendance is critical to academic achievement and preparing students for the world of work and personal success. A good attendance record is an indication that an individual is willing to accept responsibility, exert self-discipline, and develop good work habits necessary for success in school, at work, and in life.

Attendance while participating in virtual/distance learning holds the same importance as in-person instruction.

Rockingham County Public Schools expects all students to participate in the educational opportunities provided them. We will continue to follow Code of Virginia ยง 22.1-258 for compulsory attendance, however, the following adjustments will be made regarding how attendance will be monitored and recorded for virtual/distance learning during the reopening phase:

  • Students in grades PreK, K, and 1 are expected to attend school when they are scheduled for in-person instruction if they are not participating in the Home Learning Academy. Daily attendance will be taken during in-person instruction on M, TU, TH, F and virtual/distance learning on Wednesday. Parents must contact the school if their child will be absent from school on in-person instructional days. Additional students coming into the school building may include Special Education, English Learners and other students with identified needs.

  • During the reopening phase, parents will not be required to contact the school for daily absences for students participating in virtual/distance learning or the HLA since teachers will be engaging with students in daily two-way communication. However, parents will be notified and involved in developing a Virtual Learning Progress Plan when a student has (3) full days of no attempts to participate in learning. If a student reaches (5) days with no attempts to participate in learning activities, the RCPS Policy JED will be followed, and an Attendance Improvement Plan will be developed.

  • Students participating in virtual/distance learning grade 2-12 and the Home Learning Academy Prek-12, will be expected to participate in learning activities based on their grade level as described in the RCPS Transition Plan for Reopening Schools. Go to the RCPS website and click on Fall Reopening Plan or CLICK HERE FOR SCHEDULES

  • While the division expects students to participate every day, we understand parents and students may need flexibility for participating in virtual learning at specific times during the school day. All students will have until Sunday at midnight each week to show they have participated in learning activities from the previous M-F week.

  • Students will be considered (DLP) Distance Learning Present for attendance purposes if they participate in live or recorded learning during the instructional block or show evidence that they participated in the assignment at another time. Students may also show they are participating in learning by the time-based or task-based indicators as described in the chart below.

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