All-day Pre-K News

November 17 - December 7

Integrated Learning

The children are having a wonderful time learning all about Thanksgiving. It can be hard for such young children to grasp what life was like hundreds of years ago but the students have really enjoyed our study of the Pilgrims, Native Americans, and life before the U.S. The kids have also enjoyed discussing all the many reasons we have to give thanks. We recently made "thankful pumpkins" with our buddy classes and while many of the things the children are thankful for include toys and candy, it is great to see the wheels turning in their minds and stir their spirit of thankfulness. Some of our activities include:

  • Paper plate turkeys
  • Corn tasting and graphing
  • Making Indian Corn
  • Pilgrim patterning
  • Symmetrical turkey feathers


In P.E. we have been playing a lot of fun games that focus on throwing. Ask your child which throwing game is their favorite. Please remember that tennis shoes are required for P.E. Please check your child's schedule to ensure they are ready to run and play on their P.E. day. Thanks for your support in keeping them safe.


This month in Spanish the students are learning Thanksgiving vocabulary words. We also begin to talk about the members of our "familia". Ask your children how to say mommy and daddy in Spanish.

Social Studies

As we celebrate the different holidays of the season our social studies curriculum takes a look at the many special traditions enjoyed by families during this time of year. If you and your family are interested in coming in to share a special family tradition, please contact your child's teachers and we will get you on our schedule. Some ideas include decorating cookies or gingerbread houses, making ornaments, playing dreidel, sharing a special story, etc. There are so many possibilities!


Our next letters of study are "Ff" and "Ss". Each lesson includes a book all about our letter of focus; demonstration and practice of proper letter formation, and brainstorming time to come up with words that start with our literacy letter. Children also have the opportunity to explore finger painting, feather collaging, a firetruck puzzle, sorting skittles, spider bingo, and silly putty!


November 23 - 27 - Thanksgiving Break

Wednesday, December 2 - Moving Up To Kindergarten (Kindergarten area - 6:00)

Thursday, December 3 - Media Center Open House (8:00-5:00)

Friday, December 18 - All School Program @ 10:30

December 20 - January 1 - Winter Break (See you all back Monday, January 4)

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Ask Your Child...

What was the name of the Pilgrims' ship?

What are some words that start with "F"?

What type of corn product did you like best?

From where did the Pilgrims sail?