Kindergarten News ACES

Week Of November 19th

Highlights From Last Week....

A snow delay ALREADY? Winter is fast approaching!!!

This week our class read stories about sounds all around us.

We learned the new vocabulary words: listen, volume, exclaimed, familiar and chat. We learned the new sight word "and" and the letter Nn.

We finished our unit on Shapes in math! The kids LOVED this unit!

A peek at our learning this week...

This will be a short, but very productive week of learning.

We will continue our unit on sounds that we hear. We will also continue learning about the word "and" and the letter Nn.

We will review and practice with shapes this week by playing games that will challenge our thinking and have us use new math vocabulary words!

We will focus on Thanksgiving this week.

Winter Clothes Information

If your child wears boots to school, we ask that you send in shoes/sneakers to change into.

In the snowy weather we do still try to get the kids outside. They should be prepared to play outside by having snow pants, boots, a jacket, hat, and mittens. If you are in need of any of these items for your child, please let us know and we will work to find you what you need. If you have extra boots and snow pants and would like to leave them here at school, please send in a note and we will leave them in your child’s locker. We will not leave them here at school without a note.

More information...


Please practice letters and sounds with your child nightly! Thank you!


Great job reading with your child!


Many children are coming to school without a snack. Please be sure to pack them one snack and drink each day. Thank you!

Notes from Mrs. Maillet

WOW! I assessed your children in their reading, sight words, letters and math. They are really moving along. Please continue to practice the flash cards that I sent home. Please read these frequently. For math, please keep counting with your child. They are missing several of the teen numbers. I will continue practicing at school, but a little extra help from home would be greatly appreciated. The number flashcards will be sent home this week. Thank you for all that you do!!

Notes from Miss Berube

I can tell these children really love school! They are working so hard each day and making such progress. I am so proud of them.

We are still having fun with our shapes, and also continuing to practice our counting and number writing!

We also welcomed a new student to our class this week! Welcome Antonio!!

Reminder that Wednesday is a half day! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Notes from Mrs. Goldthwaite

SNOW! Such a fun time. We will be going out for recess. I would like if your child comes to school with snow boots, please have them bring another pair of shoes. It is not good for them to keep those on all day. If you have a pair of shoes to leave write me a note and I will be sure they stay.

Our book orders will be in this week. Next week I will be sending home another order.

WE are working hard in our reading and math. We will continue with shapes and letter Nn and sight word AND.

Class room wish list: clorox wipes. We are trying to keep the sickness out of our classroom. Thanks for those who have donated.

Reminder in December will be having teacher parent conferences. Monday December 10th and Tuesday December 11th. More information to come.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Notes from Mrs. Webb

I cannot thank you all enough for the supplies for the classroom! Many families have contributed antibacterial soap and dry erase markers to our room! It is greatly appreciated!

I also want to thank you for the donations of nonperishable items for families in need in our communitity. You are very generous.

This week, we will learn about the first Thanksgiving and do some activities to support this learning.

Please remember that Wednesday is a half day. Lunch will be served at 11:00. Dismissal is at 12:00.

I wish all of you a very happy Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be thankful for each day. I know this when I look at your wonderful children each day!

Notes from Mrs. Marcoux

The children were so excited to play out in the first snow of the season on Friday. Just a reminder to please send boots, snowpants, coats, etc. for your child to have at recess. Please contact me if you need any assistance obtaining any of these items or if you'd like to donate these items to our class.

We will continue reading and writing about the letter "N" and sounds all around us. We will also learn about Thanksgiving this week. We have an early release on Wednesday.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Marcoux

Thank you for all that you do!!! Keep up the great work!!