Owl Notes



*FALL FESTIVAL - was a great success! Loved seeing all of you here and helping! I'd love to list all of you but I will miss someone and feel terrible so for those who were here, THANK YOU!!!!

*TAMI TIME - If you haven't seen me for this, Monday is it. Please make sure and drop by to see me. I want to have visited with EVERYONE by the end of Monday. For those I've seen, I'm truly enjoying your thoughts you are sharing with me. Please know that I want you to drop by and share concerns, celebrations, etc at any time. You don't have to wait for the next Tami Time! :)

* AWARDS ON A CART - If you haven't complete the google doc for Kara and I to come by and applaud your students, please take care of that by Tuesday afternoon. We will come by on October 24, 25 or 26.

*FACULTY MEETING MONDAY - Faculty meeting is this Monday. See agenda link in the email. We have a lot of topics to cover Monday so please make sure you are good until 5. I will do my best to get us out earlier than that, but make plans for 5.

* PINK OUT DAY - We will do a pink out day on Monday, October 29. If you make a $5 donation to the Susan G Komen Foundation, you can wear jeans and a pink shirt on Monday, October 29.. Checks need to be made out to Susan G Komen Foundation and given to Kathie BEFORE Monday, October 29. We will mail all the checks together at one time.

*RED RIBBON WEEK - Please make sure to include Red Ribbon week activities in your emails to parents and some lessons in your class. I'll include the week agenda below in this email.

*TECHNOLOGY STAFF DEVELOPMENT TUESDAY - Just a reminder that Lisa M will be here with technology for training on Tuesday. Please report to the library for the training during your planning time.

*SAFETY AUDIT SUGGESTIONS - Good things were seen but a couple of suggestions were made that we must pay attention to. *Mechanical rooms and electrical rooms are not for storage. *Purses need to be out of sight and not left laying on the floor under your desk. *Bookshelves that are not attached to the wall - heavier stuff on the bottom, lighter stuff on the top, and no glass on any shelves at all. *Doors to outside CANNOT be propped open. *Reduce the amount of piles of paper that can be filed or tossed - piles of paper just add fuel to the "fire" if there ever is one. *No aerosol air fresheners in the classrooms but you can use like the Renuzit scent stick but nothing that plugs into the wall or sprays like an aerosol.

*GT NOMINATIONS ARE OPEN - If you have students who YOU feel need to nominated for GT testing (parents will be notified soon about the window being opened). the window is open. If you need a form, see Kara. Once you have completed it, give it to Deanna.

*TEAM HUDDLES - Monday - Kinder, Tuesday - First, Wednesday - Second, Thursday - Third

*TEAM HUDDLE QUESTION FOR THOUGHT - What is your favorite book or movie?


Monday - Team Up Against Drugs - wear your favorite TEAM shirt and jeans!

Tuesday - Wild About Being Drug Free - wild hair day - wear your crazy hair

Wednesday - Give Drugs the slip - wear your slippers to school

Thursday - Sock it to Drugs - wear funny or mismatched socks

Friday - I Pledge to be Drug Free - wear red, white and blue or patriotic clothing


Monday is Faculty Meeting.

Wednesday Kara at AP meeting.

Friday is Poster Method.


On campus opportunities to note: (Second Monday after school opportunities)

November 12 - Rubrics

Points to Ponder: (questions for meeting with Tami)

1. What is one thing you love about being a part of the ORE family?

2. If you had a magic wand and could change one thing about ORE, what would that one thing be?

3. If I were to ask you at the end of the year what your were most proud of, what would you want that to be?


Macy Montalvo and Samantha Hier - thank you for helping hang ribbons and banner for Red Ribbon Week - MIssy G

Rachel Henderson & Social Committee - for putting together our "boo" activity.

Samantha Hier - for being an awesome partner, calling parents with me, and helping out with my homeroom. - Macy

Tami Eldridge - for a quick response & helping out at the very end of the day on a Friday afternoon. - Macy


Evil uses the 5Ds to attack you and your team. We see it in the world, too.

- Divide



-Distort (lies)


Knowing this, you can counter it and win the battle.



-Focus on what matters most

-Live and speak truth


-Jon Gordon

Goals for 18-19

1. By December, all math teachers will be trained and will have implemented Poster Method twice a month.

2. Starting in January, teachers will focus on aligning two anchor stations with current learning in the classroom.

3. By the end of the school year, reading and writing teachers will be trained in the conferring process and create their own documentation of conferences.

Upcoming Dates


20 - Alyssa Barker's birthday

21 - Virginia Vera's birthday

22 - Faculty Meeting

23 - Technology Staff Development during planning time

24 - Kara out to AP meeting

26 - Math Review Quiz

30 - Tami out to Curriculum Meeting

30 - 2nd grade field trip

31 - 1st, 2nd and 3rd to Junie B Jones @ ORHS


1 - Bilingual coach on campus

2 - Poster Method Friday

5 - Team Leader Meeting

6 - Stephanie Richeson's birthday

6 - 3rd grade Field Trip

6 - Dr. Winkler visit to campus @ 1:00 p.m.

7 - 3rd grade field trip

8 - Math staff development during planning time

9 - Third grade program

9 - Math review quiz

10 - Cassandra Murdaugh's birthday

12 - Staff Development Monday - Rubric grading

14 - Fall Class Pictures/retakes

14 - Tami out to Principals' meeting

15 - Thanksgiving Feast

15 - First grade field trip

16 - Poster Method Friday

19 - 23 - Thanksgiving Holiday Week

25 - Karen Boren's birthday

26 - Lisa Lara's birthday

26 - Faculty Meeting

27 - Tami out to Jim Knight training

28 - Kim Johnson and Rachel Henderson's birthday

29 - Gretchen Montgomery comes to walk classes for Math Review

30 - Poster Method Friday

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