Media Is A Bully

You’re ugly, and really fat

By: Maximo Mengelle

You’re ugly, and really fat, this is an example of the terrible things that can be received from the media, in media there are many problems one of which is offencive T.V. commercials and a way to stop them is to tell the companies that they need to not exaggerate on their results of their product and give them a more realistic idea.

When people watch T.V. they always see commercials and sometimes these commercials have a degrading message to them. When a boy sees a commercial about shoes and it says, “this is what the cool kids wear”, and then they might feel insecure about themselves. As “The Center” said in these sentences, “The male image shown in ads almost never includes such traits as sensitivity, vulnerability, or compassion. This may discourage boys and men from displaying these natural and desirable human traits”. As said boys may be discourage and then feel dishonored about themselves.

A way to stop this kind of discouraging is, the people that really actually want to get this stuff should just look for it online. They are really annoying and offence to watch on T.V. and just make people feel bad about themselves. Yes, it is the companies choose to put it on television but honestly no one goes out and buys the product when they see it on the commercial. If people really want to get this stuff they aren’t gonna look for it on the T.V. they’re gonna look for it on the internet as “The Center” said, “Tweens are more likely to learn their fashion cues from a game than from television”. From this you can learn that from looking at commercials on T.V. you aren’t gonna buy the product.

Another thing that could be done to stop these offencive commercials is to send the companies a message to make a little more realistic. Because usually on their commercials there examples look like bodybuilders. Which is exaggerate a little bit, so we should tell them to give a more realistic way of showing the results of their product. Because if not the boy will end up doing something bad to get to the body they saw and wanted, for example steroids.

In conclusion the problem with the media is that it has offencive messages to people. A way to stop it is to send a message to the companies and tell them to not exaggerate their commercials. Once that happens then people will never feel as offended on T.V.


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