Triassic Time Period

By: Marie Sitar

Major Geological Events

What is now the 7 continents was once Pangaea before it broke a part. It was together up until the Triassic time period that is when it broke a part but it held together for a while then drifted a part. Have you ever heard of dinosaurs? Well if you have this is the time when dinosaurs first came to life make sure you are careful! You will also witness a major climate change!

Climate and Environment

The climate during that time was hot, dry, and humid. The Triassic tim period had cool, dry winters and warm, rainy winters. Make sure that you are dressed for the weather! The environment was dry and it had a ton of water!

Dominant Organisms at the time

Do you think you can memorize these dominant organisms? The dominant organisms during the Triassic time period were temnospondyls, rhynchosaurs, phytosaurs, aetosaurs, rauisuchians, theropods, and cynodonts.

Things travelers might like to see

What would you like to see on your trip? Here is a list of things that you might like to see! Reptiles, dinosaurs, plants, amphibians, also ancestors of birds!

What to pack

What would you pack for traveling so far back in time? If you don't know what to bring follow this guide! You might want to pack; food, water, camera, weapon for self defence, clothes, and a swimming suit you might want to swim with all of the water that there is!

What dangers might you face?

What dangers could you face? You wouldn't want to go on a trip without knowing the dangers now would you? Here are some of the dangers that could be faced while on this journey; dinosaurs, reptiles, and high temperatures.