Jenny Craig

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Seven questions..🙌

1. Jenny Craig claims it's A weightless program that allows you to eat the foods you want and enjoyably loose weight doing it, while having engery.

2. Why I might be suspicious of the product is, Well jenny Craig doesn't look like the project has been a benefit to her, and all diets claim you can eat what you want a remain on a diet so how do you know what's real and a hoax?

3. You can eat the weekly prepare meals for the diet or you can create a personalized menu for full day meals when you want to create your own healthy at home meal.

4. It compares to the food pyramid because the food pyramid doesn't show you exactly a daIly meal prep but instead tells you the healthy foods and the intake amount you should have to maintain a healthy life.

5. People may be vulnerable to the diet because who wouldn't want to be on a diet where you can eat the things you love and still be eating on a diet.

6. Some side effects of a long term diet may include, lack of energy, starvation, high blood pressure, and isolation


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