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pioneer questions and answers.

interviewing Mr. Cooper

1.How many times did you take a bath? 1

2.What was your favorite part? walking with my son brice.

3.If you could go back would you or would you go somewhere else?

I would go back.

4.How long was your trip?

7 days.

5.Who was your guide?

A man named dwight.

6.Was there another family in your wagon train?

Yes there last name was the rainbows.

7.Why did you want to go?

My wife wanted to go.

8.Where did you sleep?

In tents

9.Did you see any animals along the trail?

I heard coyotes and saw a fox

10.Did you have a favorite view?

Yes, the tall grass lands.


buffalo stampede

This is a buffalo stampede. A buffalo stampede is another problem that the pioneers sometimes had to deal with. Sometimes the pioneers would make a wide ring of fire around there wagons and would cut the grass around there wagons so that the fire would not reach there wagons and the fire would scare the buffalo away.

pioneer food

these are some images of the food the pioneers ate. They ate vegetables, fruit, bread, and meat. In the fall they would harvest there fruits and vegetables for the winter.