February 2019 (Volume 2, Number 2)

Small But Mighty!

February may be the shortest month of the year, but with Groundhog's Day, Valentine's Day, and Presidents' Day, February is packed with celebration and observations. In addition to the holidays on the national calendar, LPS will also celebrate the 100th Day of School on February 5 and the elementary grades will recognize the literary and pop culture contributions made by Dr. Seuss Feb. 25 - March 1. We look forward to the fun and excitement this last month of winter will bring!
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Aidan Hutchins, 10th grader at LPS, won the school-level 2019 National Geographic GeoBee challenge at LPS last month. The National Geographic Society developed the GeoBee in 1989 in response to concern about the lack of geographic knowledge among young people in the United States.

School champions, including Aidan Hutchins, will take an online qualifying test; up to 100 of the top test scorers in each state then become eligible to compete in their State GeoBee. The winners of the State GeoBees receive an all-expenses-paid trip to National Geographic Society headquarters in Washington, D.C. next May to participate in the GeoBee National Championship, competing for cash prizes, scholarships, and an all-expenses-paid Lindblad expedition to the Galapagos Islands aboard the National Geographic Endeavor II.

About the GeoBee, Aidan said, "I'm pretty happy. The GeoBee was energetic and nerve-wracking, but I tried to just stick with what I know and not think much about it. I love history. After watching the competition at our school last year, I though, 'I can do that!' I'm so happy I did and hope I do well on the test."

Aidan has attended LPS since its first year of operation. It's no surprise that his favorite class was World History. He credits Mrs. Sdao and Mrs. Booe for helping him image what it was like to live in the past and opening his eyes to the interest he has learning about history and culture. Now, Aidan studies his globe for fun and challenges himself to learn more about how people from around the world live. Aidan added that he studies his globe for fun and challenges himself to learn more about how people from around the world live.

Fueling his passion, Aidan has travelled extensively. He has been to Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Bahamas, Canada, and Mexico. He remembers the Bahamas most and says it was his favorite place because he loves the culture there.

It's no surprise that Aidan's plans after leaving LPS involve travelling the world. In particular, Aidan hopes to visit St. Petersburg, Russia someday and learn more about the history of Russia.

"I want to encourage everyone to follow what they are passionate about and do research. You never know what can happen!" concludes Aidan.

Families and Students Celebrate Choosing LPS - Open Enrollment Begins for New Families

On Friday, January 25 LPS elementary students ditched their uniforms and donned yellow in recognition of National School Choice Week. Students showed off their dance moves during a campus-wide assembly, sang songs about leadership, and celebrated their ability to attend our school of choice.

Open enrollment for the 2019-2010 school year begins Monday, February 4 and runs through February 22, 2019. If you have friends or family members interested in LPS, have them complete the forms on our website at The names of the applicants who submitted the appropriate forms during open enrollment will go into a random electronic lottery to fill available spaces and generate a waiting list. The lottery will be held on Thursday, February 28, 2019.


LPS is the P.L.A.C.E. to be!

The mission of Leadership Prep School is to inspire students to learn, grow, and lead for a lifetime. The acronym P.L.A.C.E. summarizes the five key areas that have been selected as the focus of LPS’ vision: Parent partnership, Leadership development, Academics, Creativity and Excellence.

LPS is proud to be a Leader in Me based school that applies The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to emphasize a culture of student empowerment and help unleash each child’s full potential. Focusing on the program’s timeless leadership principles nurtures the skills students need for success in the 21st century.

Leadership Prep School is recognized as a “Computer Science Immersion School” by Code to the Future. LPS integrates programming and game design into its curriculum starting in kindergarten with more advanced computer science concepts introduced as students advance each year.

Leadership Prep School is part of the New Tech Network and partners with local businesses to engage students in project-based learning activities, which enhances critical thinking skills in order that students may become strong problem-solvers. Project-based learning methodology makes learning relevant and prepares students for the demands of the workplace.