My Own Constitution

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High School Constitution

As a high school, we give you the perfect opportunity to learn and grow with responsibility and other important moral values that are key to a successful life. We make a promise to keep the students safe, and to become a responsible young adult. Our contributions will hopefully get you ready for college and life beyond that. Here are our rules you must follow to make this a process worth your time here at this school.

1. All students and staff regardless of race, color, gender, or religion will be able to participate in any school activity.

2. Discrimination will not be tolerated. This includes any degrading remarks, comments, or actions towards students because of their race, color, religion, or gender.

3. Anyone participating in the student government should be responsible in everything they do, setting good examples for all other students.

4. Everyone who is a member at the school can voice their opinion and those opinions will be taken into thought.

5. All students and staff are ensured to have a safe environment to learn and work.

6. Cell phones will not be allowed in class. If you are caught the phone will be taken away. You can pick it up in the office at the end of the day.

7.Teachers and students should be treated with respect.

8. Alcohol and tobacco products are not tolerated. These items are not allowed on school property.

9. A students absence must be excused. If a student is sick, their parent must call in letting administration know that their child will not be at school that day.

10. Students are encouraged to participate in some type of extra-curricular activity.

11. Students will be allowed 3 passes a day. These will include using the rest room, getting a drink, visiting a teacher for help or with questions, and to go to the library.

12. Students are expected to dress appropriately at all times.

These rules are to give your child a better understanding of what to expect at this school. Also we make these rules to keep your child safe at all times, as well as giving them the chance to get a good education. We hope these rules are fair to everyone. We hope all of our students are having a good time at this school, and we wish them the best of luck to their future and achieve their goals. Our goal is to teach the students responsibility and to give them the proper learning that they need to become successful.