Sodas Make You Skinny

Studies have recently shown how soda has started to make people lose a large amount of weight. The caffeine in the soda helps your metabolism work faster and makes you lose weight. Many people have began to buy sodas like crazy to help their dietary needs.

Ice Prices Rise To The Sky

This week the ice prices have shot up due to the company "COOL ICE" rising its prices for the bag it self. This uprising in cost for ice has lowered the demand for soda because honestly.. who wants to drink hot soda?

Huge Soda Factory Opens

Soda company opens in the center of down town and creates a huge demand for soda because it has every time of soda you could think of! Thousands of people have been making there way there after work to get their daily supply of soda.

People Move out of Houston

10,000 people move out of houston due to the awful weather. Many soda companys have lost over 70% of their overall demand!

Soda is dropping by 3 dollars!

America is shocked because next week the price of soda is going to go down 3 dollars. So everybody make sure you come down and get some!