Welcome to science class!

Cameron Kenaley!

Paragraph #1 Earthquake project!

Paragraph #2 30 Hands Project!

The 30 Hands Project is about the Atmosphere and Human Impact. From this project I learned about the things killing the Earth. The activity that mostly kills the Earth is the burning of fossil fuels. The gases from it rises into the atmosphere and kills our Earth! I really enjoyed researching about this problem just because it's actually really interesting. I'm not saying I enjoy the problem, I'm saying I like to learn more about it!

Paragraph #3 Invention Convention!

Invention Convention is a project where you have to make an invention or innovation to help solve an environmental problem. My group is making a device that makes dirty water into fresh water. Ships and boats actually leak oil in the ocean and it makes the water dirty. Say you ran out of fresh water to drink and you have a dirty ocean right by where you live. With this device, you can make purified water to drink in the matter of minutes!

Extra Credit Paragraph #4

I really liked The Atmosphere Unit! I really like this unit because there is a bunch of labs in it and a lot of pictures to color aswell! We learned about the greenhouse effect and the atmosphere. Those are the main things we learned about. My favorite lab is one in the atmosphere demos. My favorite was called Air Takes Up Space!