Vulnerability on the internet

Vulnerability on the internet can cause all sorts of damage.

Dont be vulnerable on the internet.

Social networking is something that all of us have used but there are dangers that come along with the fun!

You never entirely know who you are talking too on the internet even if they say that they are 16, a girl, lives in Norwich and is called Jennifer. They could be 46! She could be a he! He could live in York! And he could be called Joe! So don't give out any personal information to people you don't actually know!

if you don't know who you are talking to online then stop!

There has been many cases where a paedophile has posed as another person online and created a whole new identity for themselves! They have spoken too people that are vulnerable and taken advantage of that! They find out their address, their mobile number, age, school name and friends! All of these things are dangerous too tell other people as they are personal information! even if they are who they say they are you should not tell them!

Have you ever heard the saying 'stranger danger'? it means strangers may can be dangerous so never speak to them! Not just in person but online too!

If a stranger asks for:

  • Your mobile number
  • Home address
  • A photo
  • Age
  • School address
Or anything else that is personal or you don't want to say... Just say NO!

Don't feel threatened! Just say NO!