Life of the Best Father!

By Jacob

Life of my Father

Ever wondered how having an incredible work ethic generates massive benefits? I have never met anyone as hard-working as my father. After schooling for many years, he has taken jobs in Maryland, then Switzerland, and now here in Chicago. Despite having a job that requires much attention, he is excellent towards working with the family, and is always kind. Please listen to how he accomplishes all of this.

Working Overseas

My hero and father worked in Switzerland for a few years. As such, I decided to research the pros and cons of accepting a job overseas. When I looked into the subject more in depth, I realized that there are many factors to weigh in the situation. Click to read an essay containing my conclusions on the subject!

Hero Defining Qualities

'Hero' is a vague word that could be interpreted in many different ways. To form my personal definition of the word, I decided to try to think of people that I know are heroes, like my father, and to try and find traits that all of these people share. The definition that I came up is more complete than what one might first see when reading the word 'hero'.

My Father's Qualities

One of the greatest qualities that I admire in my father is his extremely strong work ethic. A large part of my life is chess, and as such I decided to research a chess player that also has this quality. This is how I came to research five-time World Champion chess player, Viswanathan Anand.

Below is an essay that researches how Viswanathan Anand is a hero and how he relates to my father. Click below to read the essay!

Life of a list!

As a list, I am a very important part of many people's lives. Everyday, Craig Furfine uses me. He writes down his tasks that he will accomplish for the day. I proudly keep these items organized, and make sure that they are seen and are remembered. While hanging out with other lists, I noticed that they are not always completed. I am able to say that Craig checks off every task in a very thoughtful, complete, manner!

I am one of the few lists that works so frequently, and I am proud of this fact.

Not only do I complete my job each and everyday, but Craig uses me with amazing diligence. Whenever I receive a task, it is neat and organized. As such, I will make sure he always completes them, and thus I am lucky to have such an amazing user as Craig Furfine.

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