School Board Meeting Highlights



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All motions were approved.

Annual School Board Reorganization Meeting

Roberta M. Marcus, Master School Board member, was unanimously re-elected as President of the Parkland Board of School Directors.

David Kennedy was unanimously re-elected as Vice President of the Parkland Board of School Directors.

Mrs. Marcus and Mr. Kennedy thanked the Board for re-electing them and noted that the Board works as a team to improve educational opportunities for children at Parkland. Mrs. Marcus said that the Board also believes in professional development for all types of staff in the District. Mr. Kennedy remarked that he believes the people make the District what it is today and thanked the administrators in the room for their continued leadership.

Business Meeting

Financial Team Presentation

John Vignone, Director of Business Administration at Parkland School District, Scott Shearer, Financial Advisor at Public Financial Management, Ken Phillips, Underwriter at RBC Captial Markets, and Jens Damgaard, Bond Counsel at Rhoads & Sinon LLP gave a presentation on 2015 borrowing and refunding opportunities which included two upcoming bond refunding opportunities and a new money financing plan that will carry the District into year 3 of a 3-year capital improvement plan. Their full presentation can be viewed here.


Monica Ouley was recognized for her work on the District's crisis plan, communications training and risk assessment documents which were recently audited and ended with a gleaming report. Deb Andreoli was recognized for leading the "Celebrate My Drive" campaign at Parkland this year and for winning a $25,000 national grant! Kelly Rosario and the entire elementary report card team was commended for a well conceived and well-implemented roll out of the new progress reports. The elementary principals and elementary teachers were thanked for doing an excellent job in preparing for parent-teacher conferences and answering questions related to the new report cards. The bus driving staff was thanked for their professionalism and commitment to safety during last week's snowstorm as it was noted that driving conditions were stressful during the early dismissal. The National Tech and Honor Society held inductions this past week during a wonderful ceremony. The Board congratulated the coaches and entire football team on a wonderful season that ended last weekend at the state's quarter finals. Everyone congratulated Roberta and Dave on their re-election as president and vice president.

Next meeting: December 16, 2014 Workshop at 7 PM, Business Meeting at 8 PM.