Shoally Creek Elementary School

Weekly Update for May 11, 2016

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Shoally Creek Elementary School Highlights!

*WELCOME! Please join me in giving a warm Shoally Creek Elementary School "Welcome!" to the following individuals that have completed 100% of our SCES staff for the 2016-2017 school year:

- Carla Dawkins (Custodian)

- Karen Mauney (5K Teaching Assistant)

- Bryana Hope (5K Teacher)

- Emily Prince (3rd Grade Teacher)

- Nicole McRae (2nd Grade Teacher)

- Deanne Blackwelder (4th Grade Teacher)

- Meredith Linyard (4th Grade Teacher)

- Amanda Garrett (4th Grade Teacher)

*Construction Highlights:

- Terrazzo flooring is currently being installed in the 200 and 300 wings!

- Dry wall has been hung in the cafeteria around the stage!

- The stove, freezer, and cooler are being installed in the school kitchen!

- Overhead ceiling inspection went very well a couple weeks ago!!

- The bus loop drive will be paved today and tomorrow!

- The 500 wing is still the least completed wing...and is still behind, at this point.

*FYI about moving boxes:

(1) A HUGE 'thank you' to our district maintenance department that delivered boxes to BSES, HES, CFG, and BSI last Thursday. Ten boxes were sent for each teacher. If more boxes are needed, please let me know by sending me an email. If you have other boxes, you may certainly use those as well. Please be mindful of the weight of each box. Labels will be provided soon.

(2) Maintenance will take all boxes back up AFTER the move to SCES. These boxes will be used for future moving situations. Please do NOT disregard empty boxes. Thank you!

*'Technology in 2' Conference: Please mark your calendars and plan to join fellow D2 educators for a great day of staff development on Thursday, June 2nd at Boiling Springs Elementary School! Registration for the "Technology in 2" conference is located on our district website under Instruction/Staff Development/Available Courses. We are excited to have some of our very own SCES staff members presenting this year! Thank you for sharing your 'technology wisdom' with others!

*Vacation Time: So that I am totally available for 'whatever may come' this summer, I will be using my typical July vacation days over the course of the next few weeks. I will be able to check my email very sparingly May 19 thru May 30. However, If you need assistance, please feel free to talk with your building principal or contact Mrs. Kim Ashby at the District Office. I am ready to 'sharpen my saw' in preparation for the exciting months ahead!!

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The 'Sip and See' Event Information

I know that everyone is really looking forward to our special event on Monday! At this point, I do not even know what we will be able to see and tour in the school...but, I am so appreciative of Trevin, Gerald, and Andre for their support in trying to allow us to see the progress! Here are a few important tips that will make for an enjoyable afternoon:

(1) Parking: TBA - I will communicate on Monday where parking will take place.

(2) REQUIRED CLOTHING: long pants and boots (a hard hat and safe vest will be provided)

(3) Children: Unfortunately, due to construction-zone safety, no children will be allowed at this event.

(4) Cameras are welcome!

Question of the Week

What is our theme for next year?

Let's hear some of your suggestions!! Some thoughts that I think would be beneficial in this process would be keeping in mind the following:

- The setting of our new school (natural, farm land);

- Things that happen on a farm/in a school (growing, harvesting, etc.);

- The thumbprint tree activity that we began at our March family night events (the "leaves"/thumbprints representing all of our students making up our first student body at SCES/the "tree").

Contact Information

Shoally Creek Elementary School

3777 Parris Bridge Road

Boiling Springs, South Carolina 29316