the fit way of life

Iman and pushti

To be healthy

To be healthy you should eat all the foods from the four food groups,they are fruits and vegetables,grain products, milk and alternatives,and meat and alternatives.These four food groups lead to make a healthy diet and two other foods you should eat are green leafy vegetables and an orange vegetable at least once a day.You even need to meet your vitamins,minerals ,and other nutrients, and even have a little of oils and fats.You need have a proper breakfast ,lunch, and dinner because etaing proper meals to get fats,and nutritious.You should not eta lots of snak with suger, kids need a little amount of sugar because it's deadly meaning not good.

phyiscal activity

physical activity

Phyiscal activity is just like medicine,but physical activity dose not taste bad.Physical activity would help boost energy and be active. physical activity also works as a body builder for kids.Kids should play outside for 90 minutes per day.Phyiscal activitie also helps improve mental health and mood.Phyiscal activities can let you live a longer life.Phyiscal activities help with keeping fit.A example of phyiscal activities playing tag or any other type of running games or sports.
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