Important Update

May 12, 2016

Dear Cypress Parents,

I am happy to report that Cypress is one of the 15 elementary campuses in Leander ISD that will be undergoing major renovations this summer to our front entryway. These renovations are the result of recommendations made by Safe Havens during the safety and security assessment that was conducted districtwide a couple of years ago and feedback we have received from many of you over the last couple of years both in person and in our yearly parent survey comments. The goal of this renovation is to better meet the expectations we all have regarding student and staff safety. Once these renovations are complete, we will have a secured, single point of entry for visitors to enter our school building during the school day. Among the changes is the relocation of the receptionist area so that the receptionist will have a line of sight to the front of the building as visitor’s approach the campus versus the current situation in which the visitor is already in the building prior to being seen by the receptionist. The creation of the single point of entry will provide a secured reception area in which all visitors must obtain clearance prior to gaining access into the building. Each visitor will be required to show proof of identification which will be screened against the national registry of sex offenders before obtaining final clearance from the visitor management system in order to be granted access into the building by front office personnel.

I hope that you see this as an additional layer of protection for our students and staff. My number one goal is for our students to feel safe when they are with us and you as parents to trust that we are doing everything we can to keep your children safe. Once we all feel safe, we can accomplish incredible things!

Please know that this will not in any way decrease our wish to have you, our parents, on campus and active members of our team. You are always welcome at Cypress and we do not want that to change, nor do we want it to change the welcome that you feel when you come to campus. If at any time you feel like this is not the case, please let me know. Further, thank you in advance for your support during this transition to a safer and more controlled environment for our students and staff.

In addition to these important safety changes, Cypress is also receiving fresh interior painting this summer and some additional work on the grounds in the front of the school. We are looking forward to these positive changes at Cypress and can’t wait for you to come see everything as we begin the 2016-2017 school year!

With gratitude,