What is it and how is it used?

What is it?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It was first developed in 1973 to help soldiers, military vehicles, planes and ships to determin where they are world wide. Now it is mostly used for navigation, for lots of different reasons.

How do we use it?

GPS can be used for many different things this includes:

-Hiking: You can view trail routes by using GPS so that you can know where to walk. You can also record hiking points that you can later view in maps by using a mapping software.

-Fishing: If you ever find a good place to fish you can mark an exact spot so you can mark an exact spot so that you can return next time you fish. Charter fish fleets use GPS in marking a way point of their productive area.

-Farming: With GPS tractors can be programmed to autopilot for plowing, fertilizing and harvesting.

-An Emergency: GPS enable cell phones to transmit the coordinates of a particular location. GPS can point out close emergency vehicle is closest to the accident, saving precious time.

Apps that use GPS

-GPS-R : it tracks where you are going and it also tells you when you are near something you have to do. For example if you drive past the supermarket it will tell you that you need milk.

-GPS Tracker: It tracks where you are so that if you got lost in the woods someone can come and find you.

-iWant: It's an app that lets you know what's around you. For example you may be hungry and by using the app you may find that there is a restaurant near by.