Phoenix Flyer

September 2019

Dear Families,

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! The start of school is an exciting time. It is full of hope and great aspirations for our students. I hope you enjoyed your summer and feel refreshed and restored. I am honored to be selected as Insight School of Oklahoma’s new Head of School. I look forward to working together on behalf your children.

As we begin this school year, we are positioned to become an outstanding alternative education program in our state. Thanks to the wonderful leadership of Sheryl Tatum and support of K12, Insight has the resources available to ensure all students are college and career ready in the 21st century.

My vision as your Head of School is to remain committed to promoting academic excellence, and enhancing the physical, social emotional, and cultural growth of ALL students. It is critical to every student’s success that they leave our school with the skills needed to achieve personally and professionally.

Leadership is a shared responsibility. We are all responsible for the success of our students. I look forward to the coming months as we collaborate and communicate as a team about your child’s success. I will be spending my first few months really focused on engaging with you, as well as community stakeholders and our School Board. It is imperative to our students success that everyone believes every child can succeed. I want to hear from each of you, so we can build a solid foundation for each child.

My commitment to you is to lead by example and with integrity and match my actions with my beliefs. I am excited about this work and look forward to learning from each of you.


Jennifer Wilkinson

Head of School

Upcoming Dates

9/4: Gifted & Talented Public Hearing 10:00am (details below)

9/11: Title I Parent Session 4:00pm - Class Connect Invite

9/12: Parent Teacher Conferences 6:00pm - 8:00pm

9/16: Parent Teacher Conferences 6:00pm - 8:00pm

9/19: Parent Teacher Conferences 8:00am - Noon

9/19: No school for students

9/20: School Break - School Closed

K12 Browser Recommendation

K12 recommends the use of Google Chrome when accessing the Online School and/or any other K12 application.

If Chrome is not currently installed on your computer, please click here to download the latest version.

You will also need to download and install the Flash enabler extension which will enable and save Flash settings for your classes. Please click here to download and install the extension.

For additional resources, please visit the K12 Support Page for Using Chrome Browser.

Gifted and Talented

This program provides enrichment opportunities for your student including acceleration options, enriching class connect sessions, online curriculum for computer science and coding, STEAM outings and events, academic and STEM competitions, and more.

One way your student can be identified as gifted and talented is through a nationally standardized test being offered online at the beginning of the school year. Testing is open to all students. Please complete this SY19-20 Gifted & Talented Testing Survey if you would like to have your student tested to be part of the gifted and talented program.

If your student has been identified as gifted in another school, they do not need to test again. Please email Holly Wyers, Gifted & Talented Resources Coordinator, your students documentation from the former school to be added to the program.

NOTICE of Meeting: The Local Advisory Meeting for the gifted and talented program is open to the public and will take place at 10am on Wednesday, September 4th at the Hardesty Regional Library, 8316 E 93rd St, Tulsa, OK 74133, Ash Meeting Room.

Please contact Holly Wyers if you have any questions about the program or meeting.

Holly Wyers

Gifted and Talented Resource Coordinator

405-259-9478 ext. 2076


Learning Coach - Facebook Group

ISOK has a group for Learning Coaches to communicate and collaborate. The opinions expressed in this group do not necessarily reflect those of ISOK or K12. Members are expected to be kind, professional, and keep the overall goal of supporting our students at the forefront of each post.

K12 National Student Clubs

K12 offers a wide variety of online clubs to help your student have fun learning with other students who share similar passions and pursuits. These clubs are offered typically two times a month, and last one hour.

Visit K12 Student Clubs for more information!

Listen-Learn-Interact-Talk (LLIT)

LLIT is a support group for any ISOK middle or high school student. Students can have underlying issues that cause them to be unengaged in school. The goal of LLIT is to be a proactive approach to help prevent this by addressing common issues directly through education, interaction, and support.

LLIT Group is not required for any student. Sessions are optional and will show in the class connect list each Tuesday at 3:30pm.

Raeshelle Sharpnack MA

Family Resource Coordinator

Tim Farris

Family Resource Coordinator

Graduation Plans: 9th-12th grade

Did you know all high school students with ISOK have an individualized graduation plan, so they can know exactly what it takes to graduate?!

Please see the PDF attached below for a detailed guide to finding and understanding your Graduation Plan.

Just getting started? Click Here!

Guide to Starting Strong Newsletter with checklist and valuable resource links.

Find your Student ID# - Click Me

You will need your student ID# frequently throughout the school year.

Special Programs & Services


We may disclose personally identifiable information from a student's education record as instructed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).