The LaCrosse Play-by-Play

News from Mrs. LaCrosse's 2nd Grade Classroom

Hello, Families!

I hope you had a wonderful week! Our school week was short (please remember there is no school tomorrow--Friday, May 1), but it was packed full of learning! In addition to new learning, students competed in the Social Studies and Language Arts Olympiads. The top scorers will be announced at our awards assembly at the end of the year!

Please ask your child:


  • What are you reading? Tell me about your book.
  • You learned about similes and metaphors. Give me an example of a simile. Give me an example of a metaphor.


  • Tell me about your bio poem!
  • What poetry did you choose to write this week during your Writer's Workshop" time?


  • Mrs. Lacrosse sent your math test home with you. Can I see it? Tell me what you still need help with, and what you're confident you know!
  • Tell me what you're working on in Accelerated Math 2.0.

Please encourage your child's use of Accelerated Math 2.0 and IXL at home to support the learning at school!

The Week Ahead...

Friday, May 1: NO SCHOOL

Thursday, May 7: Mrs. Lacrosse will be at a meeting in the afternoon...there will be a substitute teacher!