myHomework Student Planner

By: Omar & Bryant

My Homework Student Planner

This app helps students to keep them organized and on track of their homework assignments. They can post their homework's that they have to do and they also can communicate with their with their teachers in the same app.

3 Examples of How This App Can Be Used in Your Current Courses

1) You can put all your classes that you have

2) You can put all of your homework, tests, and study

3) You can make appointments in the same app, so you don't have to go to Google calender or somewhere else to make appointments

Pros and Cons of This App?


1) It keeps you organized

2)You can communicate with your teachers if they are using the same app

3) It's free and you also can download the app in the Android or iPhone


1) Doesn't remind you

2)You can not communicate with your friends

3)One more thing is that you can't view all your homework/assignments from the calendar, just the ones that are due today. You have to go into the homework section, but then you don't get the advantage of a calendar to plan out your schedule, for say, weekends.

Will I continue to use this app?

Yes I will because it keeps me organized with my classes and remind me to do my homework on time