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November 16, 2015

Responding to 10 Potential Data Discussion Pitfalls by Daniel Venables

"When your team comes together to discuss student data and make a plan for action, use this handy guide to keep the conversation focused on substantive and impactful results in the classroom."

Click on "handy guide" above to access the full Educational Leadership article. Here is a peek into the information that it provides:

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PBIS Update

Read Chapters 5 "Connection Before Correction" and Chapter 6 "Respectful Communication Skills" for the next book study in January!

Thank you!!!

Thanks to the Instructional Rounds team for getting together, studying the data from our last rounds visit, and recommending next steps.

Thanks to all the teachers and staff who supported the Fun Run! It is very much appreciated!!!

Awesome luncheon Third Grade!!! It was yummy! Thanks so much!!!

Professional Development and Learning - Faculty Meetings, PLC's, and Kelly Leach Visits

  • November 17th - No PLC or Faculty Meetings

  • November 19th - Guided Reading Walkthroughs conducted by Kelly Leach. Please fill out your times for Guided Reading using this google doc - Guided Reading Times

  • November 19th - Kelly Leach will be hosting a district training at Florence on the afternoon of the 19th. It will be from 3:30-5:00, and it’s in Eduphoria under the title Modeled/Shared Reading 24001. If you need some Exchange Time or are just interested in learning....check it out!!!

  • By November 30th - try to get it done this week: Math Protocol for last week's CFA - Please complete on your own by November 20th and no later than the afternoon of November 30th. Click here to access the protocol.

  • December 10th - Guided Reading Walkthroughs (you will only have one walkthrough by Kelly Leach - but it will be either in November or December,
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We are moving towards the end of having everyone through their first T-TESS observation. Your willingness to learn and utilize this tool for self-reflection and improvement is astounding! We have really enjoyed the conversations and the focus on student success.

As we are learning this new tool, I thought that I could include a T-TESS Tid Bit in this weekly newsletter. I will share a bit of info each week, in order to increase our understanding and application of the rubric.

See the following for the first edition of T-TESS Tid Bits!

"Achieving Expectations: Teachers must focus on what students have learned as opposed to what they themselves have taught. Effective teachers plan formative assessments (verbal and/or written) that enable them to check for student mastery of the material taught and make modifications to their future lesson plans to meet the needs still evident in the student work."

To Do's and Calendar Updates

  • All grades need to be finalized on Monday the 16th by 4:00, so that we can begin the Report Card process and get the systems updated so that you can begin entering grades for the third six weeks as soon as possible.

  • Have your Assessment Plans completed and shared with your team, admin, specials, and Ann Lallande by 5:00 on the 16th.

  • Sky Ranch will be at our school for Fourth Graders on the 16th and then they will travel to Sky Ranch on the 17th.

  • November 19th - Lockdown Drill 8:20

  • Mini Snaps are on the 20th. These are for those students that you would like to do a check in with the RtI team. We will review progress-monitoring data and current classroom performance. Farah and Angelina will send out an email to gather names of students that you would like to discuss. We will meet in the Think Tank. Thanks!

  • As you decorate and plan Holiday activities, please be sure to review the district AR. Click here. Thanks!

Twitter Images and Quotes from this week!

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