Snapshot of 21st Century Learning

Term 3 - Week 3


Teaching resources for book studies - very extensive

Poetry Generator - Students select the type of poem they would like to create, add the words to the online frame and click "Create My Poem Now" - It's that easy!

How To Write A Paragraph - A vast website with teaching directives, free resources etc

Interactive Language Arts Websites - All your favourites and LOTS more - Reading, Language, Science, "Social Studies"

Nifty Journal Ideas - Journal writing with a difference

Interactive Graphic Organisers - a one stop shop

Comprehension Strategies - Simple and easy to follow teacher print out

Boy Overboard - Teaching unit

Seeking Refuge - The Journey -Year 8 unit of work

Riverside Girls HS - Difference and Diversity Unit

Multimodal Texts - New resource added by K Atkins

Comprehending - Kazza 13 - A collection of resources to assist teachers to develop the comprehension strategies of their students.

Teaching With Newspapers - Kazza 13 - Another large collection of resources, ideas

A newly added Picture Book resource

New Continuum Resources - shared by Tomaree PS and Erin Bradshaw

Speaking and Responding

Face Talker app - easy to use and my students enjoy using it to respond to tasks

Audio Boo - easy to use Web 2.0 tool, that allows students to record voices and then generates the html code, great for insering into blogs


K-6 Program Checklists - Maths - New Curriculum - S Tancred - An excellent resource to review and utilise when you are implementing the New Maths curriculum.

K-6 Class Overview Sheets - New Curriculum - S Tancred

Maths Program Overview - S Tooney - more of Sharon's exemplary work

Quick 5 Minute Lesson Starters - Created by Simon Job - Students will enjoy the challenges.

Fractions 4 Kids - Free online site with student activities


Australian History Teachers have created a website with units of work. Currently there is - Significant Local Place, First Fleet, Federation, Ancient Past (Y7), Angkor (Y8), Industrial Revolution (Y9) and Popular Culture (10).

Ed Tech Conference -San Antonio Texas -2013 Pinterest - Check out the latest Techy things

iPads - Web 2.0 Tools - Blogs

Aurasma - You are like me and haven't used Aurasma. Well here is the answer Video Tutorials.

Science AR app - Created by Paul Hamilton. Use it to make the Water Cycle come alive. For printouts click here

Veescope - An easy to use green screen app. For printouts click here

How To

Have you ever wanted to access an Intranet site from home? If so find out here!

Create a You Tube Playlist - Making playlists because it enables you to quickly find videos you wish to show your students and organise them into groups. This tutorial will show you how to.

How To Create Your First Infographic

Web Quest

Angela has created another exciting web quest and this one is one Dinosaurs. Whilst you are reviewing this quest have a peek at her other 8 quests.


Create a class blog using "Wix", which is a free site. Very colourful and engaging and no coding required. Angela has created her Web Quests using Wix.

Ask A Teacher - Here you can find tips on apps, websites, free technology resources

Resources To Share

Resources To Share - A collection of resources that I have accumulated, a wide variety of topics, over 5000 files.