Solar Energy

Better for the enviornment?

Background Info

Solar energy is heat or light from the sun. The development of clean solar energy technologies have huge benefits. Solar energy can be used in any place in the world, as long as there is a little bit of sunlight.

Pros to solar energy

  • No pollution
  • Production of energy from fossils can be very noisy, but solar energy produces electricity quietly
  • Cost effective
  • People become less dependent on fossil fuels
  • Renewable (as long as the sun shines there will be energy)
  • Available for places anywhere on earth

Cons to solar energy

  • Only generates electricity during daylight hours
  • Solar farms require a large area
  • Solar panels are expensive
  • Uses a lot of energy to manufacture
  • No harmful emissions
Solar Energy 101 - How Solar Panels Work

Video Description

This video shows how solar panels work to generate electricity for an entire house. It shows all the pros for purchasing them and how well they work.