Wanted: Lithium $1,000 REWARD

If found report to Ashley Ambrosy

Here is what we know about Lithium so far!

Suspects Name: Lithium

Atomic Number: 3

Mass: 7

Protons: 3

Neutrons: 4

Electrons: 3

Valance Electrons: 1

Family #: 1

Family Name: Alkali metals

She is a Metal

Some Properties of Lithium:

She is a good conductor of heat and electricity!

She is Malleable!

She is Ductile

She is Shiny

What did Lithium do?

Lithium recently got into a fight with Oxygen at the local mall! Disappearing in her well known red-flames, when Fluorine arrived at the incident made it seem like his fault. With the cameras at the mall we found that it was Lithium but don't know where she could have gone! We believe from recent reports that Lithium has gotten help from another element and formed a compound. We believe that she formed an alliance with one of her closest friends. Please report if you see either of these compounds:



Here are the pictures of Lithium!

Thank you so much to the help of these reporters for the pictures of Lithium!