Niswonger Online Newsletter

September 2022

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Niswonger Online General Education Update

Upcoming Dates

  • September 28: Progress Reports sent to schools.
  • October 26: Progress Reports sent to schools.
  • November 1: Last day for late work from the first half of Fall 2022 General Education courses. View our late work policy here.
  • November 16: Enrollment opens for Spring 2023 classes.
  • November 30: Progress Reports sent to schools.
  • December 16: Last day of the fall semester. Fall 2022 semester classes close at 11:59PM ET. Yearlong courses will be open over Winter Break, but teachers are unavailable.
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Staff Spotlight: Dr. Catherine Edwards

Dr. Catherine Edwards joined Niswonger Online this year as Supervisor of Student Success. Dr. Edwards has years of experience supporting students in Niswonger Online courses as an administrator. We are so excited to have her on our team!
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Course Spotlight: Physical Education

Students in Niswonger Online's PE class will explore a variety of sports. They will set SMART goals to improve their health and wellness. Students will also set goals for daily physical activity and track their activities through a weekly fitness log. This PE course addresses five main components outlined in the Tennessee state standards: motor skills, cognitive components, fitness and physical activity, personal and social responsibility, and the value of physical activity.
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We want your feedback!

How has Niswonger Online helped you/your student(s) to meet educational goals? Please fill out the form below to share your experience with Niswonger Online. With your permission, we would love to share your thoughts with others via our website and social media channels.
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AP Access for ALL Update

There are currently 1,700 students from across the state of Tennessee enrolled in AP courses through AP Access for ALL. Enrollment for Spring 2023 courses opens November 16. Visit for more information on this program.
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AP Access for ALL Annual Impact Report

“The first year of AP Access for ALL has been more successful than I could have hoped for,” said AP Access for ALL Director Dr. Gina Pavlovich. “We have met or exceeded our goals and provided thousands of students with access to rigorous, college-level coursework who previously did not have such opportunities. It has been such a pleasure working with schools, teachers, and students from across the state. I continue to be inspired by the devoted work and support from our TDOE partners, our APAA team, school districts, and most importantly, the untiring dedication and hard work of online teachers and students.”

Read all about APAA's first year in the annual report linked below.

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