Fun nights !!😄🤗😍

What do you for a sleepover ?

Step 1. Come up with a good plan!

Step 2. Invite all of your friends .

Step 3. Pop a lot of popcorn .

Step 4. Get all of your fingernail polish out.

Step 5. Get all of your sleeping bags and blankets out!

Step 6. Get all of your good music together!

Step 7. Put all of your snacks in bowls!!

What do you do at a sleepover?

Now that everything is ready and all of your friends are on their way over to your house, it's time for the fun to begin!! Turn on your music and dance the night away!! When you need a break from dancing and you're heavy breathing, take a break and come have your finger nails polished!! After your nails are dry, snack like a badger all night long! If your eyes get too tired and droopy, there are plenty of sleeping bags and blankets around for you to take a quick cat nap! After you are good and rested, come on back and join the fun!!

Sleepovers vs. Play dates

Sleepovers are so much better than play dates because they last longer!! There is also a lot more food at sleepovers! We eat popcorn, chocolate, lollipops, cake, brownies, cookies and gummy bears!!
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