Fernan STEM Academy Weekly Update


Upcoming Events

December 9: Fourth grade field trip to Cataldo Mission

First Grade Concert, 6 pm

December 11: Photos with Santa

December 20 - January 3: Winter Break

Counselor Corner

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Happy Holidays, Fernan families!

I absolutely love working with your children. It fills my bucket every day. I get to go into their classes every other week and teach them lessons. Our focus for the last few years has been on emotion regulation. We learn all about how our brains process emotions, and the power we all have to control our emotions. I use an evidence-based curriculum called the Zones of Regulation. I teach students that the Zones are a way to categorize all of our emotions based on the way they make our body feel.

Blue Zone: Our body feels like it is running slow. Some feelings and emotions in this zone are sad, tired, bored, sick, and shy.

Green Zone: Our body feels calm and content. Some feelings and emotions in this zone are happy, proud, ready to learn, calm, and focused.

Yellow Zone: Our body is starting to feel dysregulated (heart beating faster, temperature rising, tense, unfocused). Some feelings and emotions in this zone are frustrated, anxious, worried, silly/wiggly, scared, and excited.

Red Zone: Our body is completely dysregulated, we feel out of control. Some feelings and emotions in this zone are anger, elation, terrified, and yelling/hitting.

Learning to recognize our emotions and how they feel in our body is very empowering for children. It is the first step in learning that we are capable of controlling and regulating our emotions, and therefore our brains and bodies. Once this skill is mastered we learn about calming techniques and recognizing triggers in order to calm down before we get to the red zone. All Fernan staff know and use this common language around the Zones. It has worked beautifully in our school! Next time your child is starting to get dysregulated, try asking them what zone they are in!

Have a wonderful December!

Mrs. VanderLouw