PTS: Persevering To Serve

Christian Health Professionals' Conference

How's it going being a Christian at work?

Join us at our first annual PTS for Christians in Health and final year students, where we'll talk about living out our Christian identity in the workplace.

We'll gather to be reminded of who we are, to reconnect with one another, and be refreshed to persevere as labourers in this mission field.


Saturday, June 22nd 2013 at 12-4:30pm

2 Highbury Street

Croydon, NSW

COST: $5 (pay on the day)

RSVP: 15th June to Mathea (

Feel free to invite other Christians from your workplace!

The Plan...

12:00pm - Lunch

1:00pm - Main session, including Bible talk, prayer, and update on ECU's ministry at Cumbo

2:30pm - Afternoon tea

3:00pm - Electives

4:30pm - Finish

It doesn't have to end there. Perhaps you'd like to organise with friends to have coffee afterwards, or go out for dinner and continue the conversation about being Christian at work.

See you there!