This Week in Religious Education

What is happening for children, youth, and families at OUUC

No Family Chapel this Week

I hope you all are having a wonderful Spring Break. I am away this week, serving on the Religious Education Credentialing Committee of the UUA for a week and interviewing candidates for the credential.

This Sunday we will have our normal classes (not Family Chapel, since I am away), coordinated by our Staff Teacher, Anisa. Have a great Sunday!

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This Sunday: April 7

Our Director of Religious Education, Sara Lewis, is out of town. Anisa Bentlemsani, Staff Teacher, will be coordinating classes on Sunday.


  • Nursery Care
  • All Ages Spirit Play: A story for our Indigo Promise (Insist on Peace and Justice): The Paper Bag Princess


  • Middle School group departing for visit to Olympia Zen Center


  • Nursery Care
  • Pre-K Spirit Play: A story for our Indigo Promise (Insist on Peace and Justice): The Paper Bag Princess
  • Labyrinth Learning for 1st-5th grade, learning about the story of Jesus's life and teachings
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Sunday and Every Day: Taking it Home

Last Sunday we had one all ages class with the story Butterfly Boy as an illustration of our Blue Promise (Believe in Your Ideas and Tell Others About Them). The Blue Promise is the children's language for our 5th UU Principle.

Discuss it at home:

1. What ideas have you had? How did you share them with others?

2. Did people listen to your ideas? How did that feel? How does it feel when you aren't listened to or heard?

3. How can we listen to others so their ideas can be shared? When is it hard to listen? What makes it hard? How can we be better listeners?

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Add to our "Faithful Journey"

For this month's theme of "Journey", we invite you to add some steps or wheels to our "Faithful Journeys" poster in the back hallway. Take a pre-cut footprint or wheelchair track and write on it how you have been living your faith journey recently, then glue it to our poster. Come check out how others have been living their faith journeys as well!

Children's Annual Meeting Will be April 14th

Next Sunday, April 14th, we will hold the Children's Annual Meeting at 11:00. This meeting is primarily for the elementary aged kids, but younger and older kids are welcome if they are interested. There will be three committees to join during the meeting:

1. The Open Minds Committee (which will nominate programs for the Summer RE class)

2. The Helping Hands Committee (which will nominate ideas for the Spring Service Project the kids will work on for the rest of the RE time in this church year)

3. The Loving Hearts Committee (which will nominate recipients for next year's Shared Children's Offering)

All the children will get to vote on all three issues, and we'll announce the decisions following the meeting. Please plan to attend for this practice in congregational polity and the democratic process for our kids!

Regional UU Events for High School Youth

Not registered yet for this year's RE programs? It only takes a couple minutes!

If you have not already done so, please take some time this week to complete the registration form for the new program year.

Children's Registration

Youth Registration

Yours in Faith,

Sara Lewis, credentialed religious educator, master level

Director of Lifespan Religious Education

Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10am-2pm

Available by appointment: Saturday through Thursday

Sabbath Day (when I will not check email or respond to calls): Friday

Out of town March 29th to April 8th for the Religious Education Credentialing Committee of the UUA. Will respond to all messages after April 8th or

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