Anti- De-extinction

Why should we not revive extinct creatures?

Should or Shouldn't we?

I don’t think that we should revive extinct because the more animals we revive the more we will be focusing on them. Which means that the animals today that are going extinct won’t be cared and we will just eventually forget to help them until the get extinct. If we do revive animals we should do the recents animals that got extinct because it makes it easier for them to adapt to our environment today.

If we do...

Then there might be chances of:

  • animals carrying diseases and viruses

  • roles change in the ecosystems because the food resources have changed

  • cost lots of money

  • climate change could affect the animals

The question is...

Why would you revive species because you destroyed it habit or even worse its species. Instead of going back to the past and making things better, you should focuse more on the creatures today who need the help because they are going extinct. Help stop Global warming, stop the hunting!