Tellagami Challenge

Whenever you create, SHARE! Whenever you learn, TEACH!

All About Tellagami

Tellagami is a fun way for students to share animated messages. Users can create and customize their character and background OR can use an image from their camera roll to be the background of their video. Then users can record their message, save, and share!

Your Task!

1. Create a product in Pic Collage that ties to your curriculum.

2. Export finished Pic Collage by clicking on box with arrow Tap on “Save to Library.”

3. Create Tellagami. (The character could be you, historical character, celebrity, etc.) Import Pic Collage into Gami by clicking on “Background.” Gami should explain the picture you created in Pic Collage. Use your voice or one of the Gami voices available in the app.

4. When done with Gami, tap on “Share” button to share to e-mail or social media.

Here's how teachers are using Tellagami!

• Explanation of a student creation

• Character Descriptions or stories

• Explanation of a math concept or equation

• Weather forecast