The Design Cycle

What It Is and How To Use It

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What Are the Four Criteria in the Design Cycle?

Criterion A: Inquiring and Analyzing- in this criteria you research your topic and the situation to help be informed of the subject. This will help you later on in the Design Cycle when trying to come up with a solution.

Criterion B: Developing Ideas- begin to create ideas , write out a deign specification, and present your ideas.

Criterion C: Creating the solution- come up with logical solutions and reconstruct your design to make sure that it will work or do what it is designed to do. Put your plan into motion.

Criterion D: Evaluating- Evaluate and reflect on the success of your solution, and how it affects the problem and things around you. See how you did, and how you can improve the next time you use the Design Cycle.

Examples of How You Use the Design Cycle

Making a Garden- if you want to make a garden, you begin to do so by researching what tools you need, soil, and what kinds of flowers you use. Once you pick a flower you research how much water, fertilizer, and sunlight the flower might need. You then begin to come up with a layout and plan of the garden. You develop ideas of how you are going to make the garden and how to use the tools. You then begin to make your garden using the research and planning you've done before. When you are done, you reflect on what you did and evaluate if you were successful or not, and see how you can do better next time.

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