1st Grade News

December 2022

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Mid-Year Benchmarks

Mid-Year math and reading assessments will be given during the 1st two weeks of January. They will be completed in a 1:1 class session with your teacher. After these assessments your class connect schedule may change.

ELA Unit Assessments

Students will be given a grade level reading passage to read aloud on the ELA Unit Assessments. The student must record themselves reading the passage out loud and will receive a score for this. Do NOT help your student as they read aloud. Please do not practice! We want to hear your student read it for the very first time. If a student is overheard getting assistance with their reading, they will receive zero points for the read aloud portion.

1st Grade Reminders

Attendance and Participation in Class Connect sessions will receive a weekly grade. Students must be in class within the first 5 minutes of class through the end of class in order to receive attendance credit. Ways to receive participation credit - camera on, answering questions/mic or chat, showing work on dry erase board, and completing any breakout room or Nearpod activity. LC's should be present unless the student can do the work independently.

Camera Expectations: ** Cameras are REQUIRED to be on during Class Connect Sessions.

Please do not use the "blur" setting as it does not allow us to see student whiteboards.

Make sure you student's microphone and camera are "active" by clicking activate when you first log in. We don't know they are there if we can't see and hear them.

If you are in the waiting room of NewRow past the class start time, please try clicking "refresh" to see if it will let you in. That also seems to work if you lose sound or the screen is blank.

The class connect home environment should be a QUIET area with no loud TV or loud adult conversations. Your student could be asked to talk on the mic at any time and it is really distracting, not only to your student, but to the whole class. We want our students to be able to FOCUS on learning!

Bathroom breaks and eating should be done before class starts unless there is a bathroom emergency.

Missed Class Connect Sessions

Students who miss class connect sessions, should watch the recording AND send your teacher a picture of the work completed at the beginning, middle, and end of the session.
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What Will We Be Learning This Month!


Word Problems

Multiples of Ten


Phonics and Sight Words

Compare and Contrast

Story Elements


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Important Dates!

Dec. 9th - Virtual Outings

Dec. 12th - 16th - In Person High School Testing (Teachers may be out to assist.)

Dec. 19th - Jan. 2nd Winter Break

Jan 5th - 13th Middle of the Year Assessments

Who Should I Call? Tech Support, Advisor, or Teacher

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SY22-23 Cumulative Attendance and Progress as of Monday, Oct. 3rd


  • Attendance hours - 408 hours

  • Math - 33%
  • ELA -33%
  • Phonics - 33%
  • Science -30%
  • SS - 29%
  • Music - 25%

Remember to follow your DAILY PLAN to work in your courses every day

Log 6 hours a day.

Remember to Work in IXL and Raz Kids - Math 1 hour/week and ELA 1 hour/week

Remember to take your Go Formatives

No more than 1 hour of PE/day should be logged. Some of you have very few hours logged and some have an excess of hours. Most of your daily work time should be spent in academics.


Where do I enter my Class Connect Attendance?

  • You can enter it under the subject of your Class Connect. For example, time for a math Class Connect should be entered under your math attendance for the day.

  • Attendance logged by the LC must match the progress made by students in the courses

  • Attendance time entered must match the time spent on lessons in courses in the OLS. Time is tracked in the system.

  • LCs should not log attendance if the student is not logging in and completing lessons.

IMPORTANT: Failure to accurately log attendance according to state regulations may result in administrative withdrawal from NCVA due to truancy.

No more than 6 hours of attendance should be entered daily. The hours should reflect time spent in class connects and OLS work. Science and SS should only have hours logged 2 days a week, not everyday. If you complete more than 2 science/ss lessons each week, you will complete the courses early and not have any lessons at the end of the year. Lessons are paced so students have consistent exposure to the science and ss curriculum through the end of the year. BEST ADVICE - Follow Your Daily Plan!!

Attendance Requirements and Expectations https://safeshare.tv/x/fOfyX6lXNIY

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HELP DESK 1-866-512-2273

K12 Customer support is open 24/7 to provide assistance to our families.