Mrs. Macey's Classroom News


Parent Conferences

As the end of the year winds down, you might be wondering how your child is doing or what they should work on over the summer. Third trimester report cards are handed out on the last day of school. I am more than willing to meet with anyone who wants to discuss their child's progress throughout fourth grade. We could also have a discussion about what could be worked on over the summer to further prepare your child for fifth grade. If you would like a conference, please e-mail me at

Wax Museum

The students did such a wonderful job at our wax museum on Friday. The students presented to over 260 students as well as many adults. I was blown away!

Wax Museum Photos

What We're Learning This Week

Math News

We will be finishing up decimals this week! It's hard to believe how fast the year has flown by! Here's what each day will look like:

Mod 6 Lesson 13: Add decimal numbers by converting to fraction form.

Mod 6 Lesson 14: Solve word problems involving the addition of measurements in decimal form.


Mod 6 Lesson 15: Express money amounts given in various forms as decimal numbers

Mod 6 Lesson 16: Solve word problems involving money.

End of Mod 6 Test

Reader's Workshop

The students are majorly excited to start our book clubs this week. As I mentioned before, all of these titles have a common theme of friendship. I'm excited to hear the rich conversations we will have around these books!

Writer's Workshop

We will be starting our last unit in writer's workshop this week. We will be applying what we learned through reading all of the biographies in order to write an autobiography or a biography about someone special. Throughout this unit we will be reviewing everything we learned about writing this year such as craft, structure, organization, as well as mechanics.


This week in science we are continuing to review different topics. On Monday, the students will be teaching the class about a topic we previously studied. The rest of the week will be spent doing hands-on labs to review mass and volume. Exciting stuff!