Your Facebook Party!

Let's make it a success!

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How to make it successful!!

To have a successful party:

1. Show people the value in coming to the event with your excitement!

2. Invite them & send reminders.

3. Follow up with those who want to place an order.

How to do it:

Truth: About half of those who RSVP Yes or Maybe will come. About half of those who come will place an order. You really want about 8- orders, which means you want 15-20 people AT the party and about 30+ RSVP's. Getting people to RSVP is a must! Only 5% of people will actually see your event invitation from the automatic email they get when they are invited. It is really important to send PERSONAL MESSAGES, TEXTS, etc. with the link to your Facebook Event to each guest. Read below to see the SECRET TO GETTING RSVP's

One of the most important parts about a successful FB party is INTERACTION. The more people are interacting, the more people will want to come. Make sure to post videos pictures, and links to your favorite books on the wall. Like and comment on my posts and tag your friends when you see something they might like! You will need to send reminders. I will be messaging you some wording to use for those reminders and follow ups!

How to party in your PJ's!

Example FB Message for Inviting Your Guests!

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Thank You!

I am so excited to help your family earn award-winning books! You will enjoy these smart books for your smart kids! I look forward to working together!

Sara Brabec

Team Leader and Educational Consultant