Religion Of Islam

By: Ingrid, Sierra, Pj, and Zhi'kadeon

what do all mosque have in common?

Every mosque has a mihrab and a niche in the wall that indicates the direction towards where muslims pray.

Why do the jews and muslims not get along?

First the jews lived in israel then they decided to leave, by the time they came back muslims were living there.

Fun Fact: Islam means surrender

what shapes their life on a daily basis?

They atleast pray 5 times a day and recite the holy qur'an.

mekkah is important to muslims why?

Allah has made it a place of resort for mandkind and a place of safety and a safe sanctuary in which the pilgrams and schoolars may gather to perform their rituals in the best place and tranquality hoping for the reward for allah, may he be glorified and fearing his punishment.