Roller Derby

By: Elijsha Sanders 1st period Sports & Society

Origin Of Roller Derby

Roller Derby - The evolution of roller skating and turning it into a competitive sport during the 20th and 21st century.

  • August, 1935 Transcontinental Roller Derby had begun.
  • Leo Seltzer was the first person to come up with a sport that involved unique roller skating
  • At the Chicago Coliseum, more than a month a simulation of cross country and roller skating
  • 25, 2 - people teams, male and female teams
  • Skating around a wooden oval rink for 11, 1/2 hours a day
  • To cover the distance between Los Angeles and New York (3000 miles)
WW2 Era

  1. In los Angeles derby was broadcasted on the radio in 1939
  2. WW2 caused the sport of derby to slow down, right after derby became alive again

  • 1948 Derby debuted for the first time on New York television
  • 1949 - 1950 Seltzer began the NRDL (National Roller Derby League) and consisted of six national teams
  • 1949 ABC broadcasts Derby all over the US
  • In the time period Seltzer began the NRDL his program made about 2.5 million
  • Skater salaries were around $250 a week with $30 - $60 dollar bonuses
1970's - 1990's IRSL (International Roller Skating League)

  • In 1977 IRSL was operational but was ran in midwest, Canada, and Northeastern Us
Roller Games

  • 1989 created by TV producers David Sams and Michael Miller brought together a creative show involving Roller Derby
Roller Jam

  • 1999 - 2001 Ross K. Bagwell Sr. and Stephen Land created the WSL (World Skating League)
  • Roller Jam was broadcasted on TNN or Spike tv
Contemporary Roller Derby begins in 2000

  • All - Female teams started in 2000

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Economic Impact on Society

There isn't really anything to find about the impact on society when it comes to Roller Derby and economics.

Political Impact on Society

  • Derby has politically impacted our society by giving women and men more back bone with its intensity on the track
  • Derby is a hard, endurance based sport
  • Derby gives life to the one's who love to roller skate
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