Peyton's Project

Bringing Hope When Hope Seems Gone

Helping moms and dads through the difficulty of miscarriage.

Peyton's Project is a grassroots organization that is committed to providing resources to mothers that have recently lost a child due to miscarriage. Though we can never bring complete healing to these parents, we hope we are able to offer encouragement and information to begin the healing process. Consider these numbers:

  • 211,731 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. (Center for Diseases Control)
  • 41,000 of those women will die from breast cancer. (Centers for Diseases Control)

  • 670,000 women will suffer a miscarriage each year. (American Pregnancy Association)
  • 670,000 children die as a result of miscarriage each year.
  • 670,000 mothers suffer the emotional and physical scars from miscarriage each year.

What We Provide