Art 1: Painting & Drawing

Mrs. Lee- Rm. 1012

**fake newsletter for a University of Houston education course**

Welcome to Art 1

Hello students! I'm so excited for this year to begin and to watch you all grow and become even better artists. This class will be a place where everyone can come to de-stress after their other classes and feel relaxed. My classroom will be a judgement-free zone with a zero tolerance for bullying! I don't have many rules (aside from safety precautions), so please keep those two in mind. This year will be a great year and I cannot wait to see what you all create.

Get To Know Your Teacher

Who is Mrs. Lee?

One of my favorite things about being a teacher is being able to get to know my students. So, to be fair, I'll return the gesture to you all by sharing a little about myself as well.

I graduated from the University of Houston (UH) as an art major with an education minor in the hopes of becoming an art teacher. I grew up in different areas of Houston, and because I attended UH I got to become acquainted with the Houston art scene and everything this amazing city has to offer. In my free time I enjoy reading, playing frisbee golf, creating my own art, visiting local museums, and listening to podcasts.

Why teach high school art?

This little blurb is to let you all know how much I love teaching art and what led me to teaching. As a teacher, I think it's important for parents and students to feel like they can trust that their teacher is knowledgeable on the subject and enjoys doing their job.

All of my life I've always had a passion for art. I love creating it, looking at it, talking about it, etc. I think art is a great outlet for anyone to express themselves and that through art you can really learn something about yourself. As I approached college I knew that I couldn't imagine my life without art in it, and after looking into different majors, I was directed back towards art. Deciding to become an art teacher was really cemented by all of the wonderful art teachers I had growing up. I couldn't wait to help others practice their passion everyday and I knew that teaching was the job for me.

While at UH I took a variety of art courses to better prepare myself for the diversity of ideas and students I would be getting in touch with each year. Different classes I took include: painting, life drawing, ceramics, art history courses, sculpture, silkscreen, illustration, watercolor, drawing, Photoshop technology, etc. I truly believe that these classes prepared me for being able to give my students a wide variety of options and allow them the chance to experiment and go beyond their comfort zone.

Let's Start the Year Off Right!

First Unit Overview

Now that I've given you a little background information about myself, here are a few highlights of what we'll be covering in our first unit this year!

Contact Information

parents and students, please use these tools if you have any questions or need to contact me! Students, follow the twitter link to stay in touch with what's going on in the local and global art scene. Parents, feel free to contact me through email or by phone during office hours (Monday-Friday, 12:00-1:00).