University of the Pacific

By: Shally Basuta

Location & History

UoP is located in Stockton, California. The population in Stockton is 298,118. The weather is the same as Livingston. It was established by pioneering Methodist ministers in 1851. Pacific provided California with its first medical school in 1858. Pacific became the first 4-year private university in the Central Valley.

Application Deadlines/Requirements

  • Application deadline: November 15
  • SAT & ACT test scores required
  • Essay describing professional & educational goals
  • Average SAT: 1200
  • Average ACT: 26
  • Average GPA: 3.54 (minimum)
University of the Pacific


  • Basketball
  • Softball/Baseball
  • Water Polo
  • Soccer
  • Cross Country
  • Track & Field etc...

UoP at a glance

The demographics are female is 53% and male is 47%. There are about 20 students in each classroom. And the enrollment rate is 74%. There are about 11,197 applicants and only 8,285 students get accepted. Tuition & Fees w/ the living expenses is $50,000 alone without the Room & Board. The estimated yearly cost is $112,753.


Yes I believe that the University of the Pacific is the ideal college for me because my career plan is to become an orthodontist. Also once I graduate from University of the Pacific then I can go the humongous dentistry school that UoP offers at San Francisco . At this point this is the perfect college and I can just imagine myself attending this college & graduating from it and becoming an orthodontist.