Visser's Voice

Week 37: June 1st - 4th

Don't Forget This Week of Fun

Remember this week is bring something each day week! My Last Week of Fun Smore gave you the details, if you forgot. Thanks for your help in this!

Awards Clothing...and Change of Clothing! :)

Tuesday morning at 9:00 will be our 1st grade Awards Assembly. Please have your child wear their Sunday best for the ceremony, but allow your child to bring a change of comfy clothes (and shoes) for the remainder of the day, if they wish! The teachers will be doing the same!

Half Day Thursday

Thursday is Early Release at 11:45 a.m. Can you even believe it?! Your child will walk out of Dove in 3 1/2 days a big 2nd grader!

Housekeeping Items

1. Please turn in all library books, or send money to pay for them before Thursday. All accounts need to be cleared before we can release report cards and all that good stuff. :) Thanks!

2. Please make sure your cafeteria account is cleared with Ms. Gwen before Thursday.

3. Many items will be coming home this week. If your child tells you I let them take it home, chances are they are correct!! Some of these cuties have come back saying, I need you to write my mom a letter. LOL.

This is my last Visser's Voice! :(

This may be my last Visser's Voice weekly newsletter, but I usually come up for air the week after school is out and realize I forgot to send something (HUGE thank yous, passwords, websites, apps, pictures from Field Day, video clips, or something useful) and will send one more email containing these things. If you know your email is going to change and you don't want to miss any last minute items, please let me know your change. Then, I promise I will stop bugging you with emails. :)

Please do not hesitate to email me over the summer, or even next year! My email will remain the same:

Just A Few Pics to hold you over....

Your Supply Donations Made This Possible! Thank YOU!!!!!