Ancient Sharks, Prehistoric Animals

By: Allison Frichithavong

Beginning of Prehistoric Sharks

Prehistoric sharks has a force to scare many others. There are many sharks that lived in this world many years ago, but ancient sharks are one of them. Ancient sharks are interesting and awesome sharks in the deep.

Who Are The Prehistoric Sharks?

A fierce looking armored fish that looks like a shark called placoderms. Others like frilled sharks, even though it's called living fossil. Cladoselache is another one that is known for being fast moving and fairly agile. Bandringa is type of extinct shark that has been known as nursery shark. Hybodonts are known as their tooth shape because it's different than other sharks. Godzilla sharks are like they are known for sucking prey when they open their jaws. Squalicorax are like surprisingly same similarly to tiger shark's tooth. Ctenacanths are as known of the fin spines. There are surprising more and more prehistoric sharks then we thought.

Ancient Sharks's Features

All prehistoric sharks has many physical features such as anal fin which is underside fin, lateral line, a detect movement and vibration of the surroundings. A mouth, of course, caudal keel, a feature that some fast-movement sharks has to support the feature. A second dorsal fin and first dorsal fin that are in upper fin. Pectoral fin and pelvic are under fin. Eyes, snout and gills openning for some sharks are needed. Unlike others anvil is for stethacanthus and tooth-whorls for helicoprion

What Succeeded The Ancient Sharks To Be Popular?

What they succeeded? The armor-fish that looks like a shark had first modern teeth in Japan. A male Stethacanthus had its first anvil/hammerhead. An Helicoprion has a spiral teeth like tooth-whorls that it is showing off that there is more bizarre sharks other then Helicoprion unlike them. Epaulette can walk on land and it became popular back then that they can walk on land. The first shark to glow in the shark is the ghost shark that it glows other then glowing shark.

How Did People Found Out There Are Ancient Sharks?

The people were fishers or workers and found out that in 1976 is that they found a megamouth. They can find prehistoric sharks pretty easily by using a radar and they spend years lurking without the surroundings noticing. The radar they used was super old that they found. The reason why they lurk it because they discovered more species are more to be discovered are new.

How Did These Prehistoric Sharks Extinct?

It caused a disaster called Great Dying and it has been over 250 million years ago in the Trassic Period where they killed tons and tons of sharks to death to be extinct away. To be whether they were interesting and awesome to learn about prehistoric sharks but they extinct million, million and million years since dinosaurs ruled the nature.

Pictures Of Some Ancient Sharks


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