Parent Survival Guide

Welcome to the wonderful world of third grade!

Get the lowdown...

  • School begins promptly at 7:45 and ends at 2:45. Students may start coming to the room at 7:15.
  • Medications are kept in the clinic and are administered by the nurse or office staff.
  • Lunch is from 11:55-12:25. Students can bring money to school or you can put money in your child's account.
  • You may contact the teacher's via email during the day. We will respond ASAP.
  • Dress code- Proper shoes required for PE; Bring a jacket for inclement weather

Classroom Procedures


Home work is assigned for practicing and reinforcing skills and concepts previously learned at school. It is intended to be meaningful, relevant, and in some cases individualized. Grade levels will provide parents written directions, the timeline, and the grading rubrics for projects.

We feel that parents are the key to making homework a positive experience. We ask that parents provide necessary supplies, a quiet homework environment, and set a consistent daily homework time. If your child is not doing their work, please set up a conference so parents, student, and teachers can work on a plan to help establish good study and homework habits while the child is still in elementary school.

S.P.U.R. Binders

Each child will be responsible for bringing their S.P.U.R. Binder to and from school every day. Within the binder you will find:

  • Important Notes– Notes to and from school
  • Behavior Log
  • Reading Log
  • School/District Calendar
  • Grade Level Rituals and Routines

What about behavior?

The columns of the Behavior Log correspond with the behavior and study habits portion of the report card. Failure to meet expectations in any of the areas will result in a “mark” in that column of the Behavior Chart. Depending on the situation, there may be a consequence during the school day such as loss of recess or classroom privileges. If necessary, you will be contacted by your child’s teacher.

Incentives and Choices

Learning Incentives

  1. Positive reinforcement on Behavior/Communication Log
  2. Six week celebrations, Preferred Activity Time (PAT)
  3. Verbal or nonverbal recognition
  4. Special privileges and individual rewards
  5. Good notes and/or phone calls home
  6. Pride in reaching your goals and a job well done!

Learning Choices

If students choose not to follow district, school or classroom rules and procedures...

1st and 2nd Warnings (minor infractions) - No signature

The student is given the opportunity to correct inappropriate behavior.

3rd Warning - The teacher will sign the student’s behavior log.

4th Warning – The teacher will make a discipline referral to the office. Parent or guardian will be contacted.

All situations will be addressed to meet the needs of each individual child and the situation.