STARS Weekly Newsletter

May 1-5, 2017

What Happened Last Week?

Last week we continued our Spring theme :) We started our anchor book, Wide Mouth Bullfrog :) The kids love this sing songy book!! The song is in the videos at the bottom of the page!!

I enjoyed meeting with each of you and sharing your child's progress :) Thanks for taking the time to come meet and hear all that your child is doing!!

What Will Happen This Week?

This week we will continue Wide Mouth Bullfrog :) We will practice imitating actions to the song, using signs, answering questions, etc.

Matt and Molly

Matt and Molly: A Frog in the Tree

A copy was sent home in your child's backpack :)

Table Time Activities:

Monday -Wide mouth bullfrog- cut out big green circle and assemble eye and wide mouth; strengthening fingers with squeezing glue, scissor skills, multi step construction task

Tuesday -Blue Bird- cutting out big circle an assemble pieces; tear and glue on tissue paper as feathers: scissor skills, pincers to tear, hand strengthening to squeeze glue, multi-step construction task

Thursday - Brown mouse- painting big circle brown to make a brown mouse and assembling ears, nose, eyes and tail by gluing

Friday-Alligator- tear green paper and glue on with white teeth and eyes onto the letter A to make alligator: using pincers to tear paper, hand strengthening to squeeze glue

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Important Information and Upcoming Dates:


  • May 3: 1:00-8:00 Parent event at Paradise Park
  • May 16: End of the Year Celebration (FLYER WAS SENT HOME TODAY)
  • May 19: Kids' last day
The link below has some great tips for creating good reading habits. It has some helpful reminders!

Take it Outside!!

There are many reasons kids should play outside, from expressing creativity to running freely to making messes without worrying about dirtying the house. And there are many health benefits that make outdoor play great for children.

1. Improves Vision
Children who spend time outside have better distance vision than those who primarily play indoors.

2. Promotes Social Skills
Getting kids outside and having unstructured play promotes a wide range of skills. "On a playground, not everyone gets to go down the slide first. Going to a playground with your kids is not just about running around and being active, but it's also about learning social skills, executive functions, and behavioral skills as well through play."

3. Increases Attention Span
Studies have shown that green outdoor settings appear to reduce ADHD symptoms in children. Exposure to natural settings through after-school and weekend activities may be widely effective in reducing attention deficit symptoms in children.

4. Reduces Stress
Spending time outside playing is such a huge outlet for stress. It's relaxing and healing.

5. Provides Vitamin D
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, lots of kids are suffering from vitamin D deficiencies. This vitamin has several health benefits, including preventing kids from future bone problems, diabetes, and even heart disease.

Vitamin D can be received by supplement, but you can also get it through its free and natural version: sunlight. Have your kids play outside for a few minutes without sunscreen (which blocks cancer-causing rays, but also vitamin D). Then slather on the lotion. Of course, if your child burns easily, use the sunscreen and increase the vitamin D-heavy foods and supplements.

Weather Change

  • Please check your child's extra set of clothes to be sure that it is weather appropriate. Many still have shorts and t-shirts in their bags.
  • We go out to recess as long as the wind chill is over 20 degrees at least for a short time. Please keep in mind that it can be very windy on our playground and that our am recess is at 9:30 when dressing your child for the day.

Fun Sensory Tubs/Activities to Do at Home:

Other Related Books to Read:

Edible Positive Reinforcers:

WE ARE IN NEED!!! In the STARS classroom we use A LOT of reinforcements to motivate our students to learn new skills :) We are in need of some edible reinforcers to help your child be successful throughout their day! If you are able to provide any of the following (or if there is something your child absolutely LOVES) it is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!


*small sized marshmallows (this has been the BIGGEST motivator for most of our students)


*goldfish crackers






*fruit snacks

*snack sized baggies


Clean Up is Fun - Children's Cleaning Song - Kids Songs by The Learning Station
Five Little Ducks | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs
Five Green and Speckled Frogs - Counting Songs for Children - Kids songs by The Learning Station - YouTube
Burl Ives - The Little White Duck

Circle Time Hello Song

Hello Hello! Can You Clap Your Hands? | Original Kids Song | Super Simple Songs

Circle Time Good-Bye Song

Time to Say Good-bye

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